Azerbaijan Team


– Ashug musicians (2 pers.) – performance of 3 songs (1 duet song, 2 songs individually)

– Dancers of «Ancient Gabala» («Qədim Qəbələ») Folk Group (9 people) will perform with 3 dance songs

– Craftsmen (3 pers.) will show the art of woodcarving (carver-engraver), copper work (coppersmith), and manufacture of carpets (weaver)

– Riders (2 pers.) will show the art of the ancient Azerbaijani equestrian game «chovgan»

– Cooks (3 pers.) will show the ancient cooking methods of Azerbaijan nomads (meat cooking on animal skins, meat cooking on stones, cooking on saj, cooking food on samovar). Among the group of cooks will be Tahir Amiraslanov, the head of the National Center for Culinary Art