Mongolian team

Demonstration of the national wrestling and horseback archery


Demonstration of the national wrestling and horseback archery


1. B.Pүrevsayhan – National Mongolian Wrestler
2. E.Dash – National Mongolian Wrestler
3. B. Boldbaatar – Rider-archer
4. E. Batbilag – Rider-archer


Situated in the heart of Asia, Mongolia covers an area of about 1.5 million sq. km and has a
population of over three million. With the harsh continental climate, it has four well defined
seasons. In summertime the temperature goes up to +50 degree Celsius whereas in winter it falls
to -50 degree Celsius.

Mongolia is a country of contrast where the modern civilization co-exists with traditional
nomadic lifestyle, where sand dunes of Gobi desert geared up by rivers and lakes in the green
background, where Madama Butterfly and Giselle find their love on the National Theater’s scene
amidst stormy applause of limitless steppe wind inspired by long songs of nomads.
Mongolia is 1.5 million sq. km archaeological site with dinosaur fossils widely found by a
traveler in Gobi, with Huns burials uncovering the ancient history and petroglyphs showing the
way of living of our ancestors.

In Mongolia you can find beautiful intact nature in central areas, breathtaking panorama of vast
steppes in the east, magnificent mountain ranges in west and Gobi desert in the south. As the
nature varies, Mongolia is home to diverse ethnic groups with their distinctive culture and
traditions. For instance, shamans and reindeer herders welcome tourists in the northern part of
the country, whereas Kazakh hunters with their eagles settle the rocky mountains in the western
part of the country.

Naadam festival or three manly games represented by horse races, national wrestling and archery
is another name card of Mongolia. Hosted in the midsummer, the festival is the national holiday
of Mongolians having been celebrated since the ancient time.