«Kóshpendiler Álemi»

International Ethnofest
28 - June 30 - 2019 of the year, admission is free

Feel the spirit of the great steppe and free nomads!

Festival guests will witness the world of nomadic civilization. In the improvised villages yurts will be installed, with nomad national games organized and workshops held by craftsmen from Kazakhstan. Costumed performances will be staged to show the epochs of Saks, Kangyuy, Usuns, Huns, Scythians, Sarmatians, Tigrahauda, Massagetae; guests will admire the beauty of the birds of prey and the skills of berkutchi, embracing the full diversity of the ethnic culture, enriching themselves with new knowledge about the life and traditions of the people. Festival guests will enjoy the musical program featuring world-famous performers of ethnic music.

In the festival program

Competitions of professional archers, kokparists, berkutches, guests will see for the first time colorful, demonstrative battles battles, the armor of which was recreated based on historical sources

And also

Demonstration equestrian performances of batyrs with the use of elements of dzhigitovki and equestrian combat techniques will be demonstrated.


1. «Arkaim» Ethno Rock Band (Almaty, Kazakhstan) – 2 pers.
2. TENGRI Ethno-Trio (Almaty, Kazakhstan) – 3 pers.
3. «Di-Art STYLE» Band (Kazakhstan) – 3 pers.
4. Tyurgen Kam (Russia)
5. Olga Tannagasheva (Russia)
6. Arashan Music and Folklore Band (Kyrgyzstan) – 11 pers.
7. Group of dombra players – 30 pers.
8. Lahic dancers group (Azerbaijan) – 8 pers.
9. Ali Zeynallabdinov – ashug musician (Azerbaijan)
10. Afsana Kerimli – ashug musician (Azerbaijan)
11. «Muhalles» Folklore Ensemble (Uzbekistan) – 8 pers.
12. «Altai» Band (Mongolia) – 6 pers.
13. Singer Tsend-Ayush Gantuya (Mongolia)
14. Singer Boldbaatar Altanjargal (Mongolia)
15. Singer Davaasuren Otgonjargal (Mongolia)
16. Singer Erdenetsogt Baatarjav (Mongolia)
17. Singer Tumenjargal Bayanjargal (Mongolia)

National teams

Bulgarian School of Survival “Baga-Tour” (Bulgaria)

10 people

Historical - Patriotic Club "SARBAZ RUKHY"

Team "The Nomad Group" (Kyrgyzstan)

South Korean National Team


Mongolian team

Uzbekistan "Uzbek Zhang Sanyati"

Iranian team

Ordugha Turkish Historical Restoration Team (Turkey)

14 people


Nur-Sultan, Karkaraly Highway 1

Venue of the event

National cultural complex – “Ethnoaul”